who are we?
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We started in 2017, in a home office in Lang Lang and we now have a permanent home at Pure Body Health (Shelley’s sister’s business). In January 2019, we purchased a firm in Cowes and started the journey of updating the technology in the office, so that the two offices could be connected.

Flourishing Figures started small and being in the cloud has always been the number one priority. We love technology and finding new ways to automate boring tasks. This means that we can share these with clients, because no one ever went into business to do all the boring admin that’s required.

Shelley Beilharz

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Shelley is our Founder and an experienced and qualified Chartered Accountant (CA), who was raised on a dairy farm in Lang Lang, South Gippsland. Her family has long been involved in the local communities of Lang Lang, Loch, Korumburra and surrounds.

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